AWS Competency
eZee Technosys
solutions include
  • eZee Absolute - Property Management System
  • eZee Reservation - Internet Booking Engine
  • eZee Centrix - Channel Manager
  • eZee Panorama - Website Builder
  • eZee Mint - Revenue Management System
  • eZee Optimus - Restaurant POS System
eZee Technosys
utilizes AWS services
to deliver superior

  1. ∙ Amazon EC2

    With massive traffic generated by 33,000+ customers worldwide and 500+ integrations, eZee Technosys leverages Amazon EC2 to handle millions of requests.
  2. ∙ Amazon Aurora

    Amazon Aurora provides a highly available database and equips eZee Technosys with a fault-tolerant and self-healing storage system capable of auto-scaling. As a result, eZee Technosys solutions have excellent performance and offer a smooth experience for accommodation providers.
  3. ∙ Amazon ElastiCache

    Offering fast performance in 60+ languages, eZee Technosys utilizes Amazon ElastiCache as an in-memory data storage and cache.
  4. ∙ Amazon S3

    Data storage, access, and security are essential to manage gigabytes of data and trail logs continuously generated by eZee Technosys. With Amazon S3, eZee Technosys is able to centralize data storage for safe and efficient access.

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